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Whitemills Wake and Aqua Park

Dropped into #Whitemillswake on Friday as they had completely run out of our #Ecobay Black Edition Recycled Plastic Sunglasses and recycled Towels—a great opportunity to show off our new #Ecobay Balance Board which will be available in about 6 weeks.

#Whitemillswake has become a great hangout for the Wakeboarding greats - I bumped into the #PeacockBrothers who happened to be there for a few days. OMG - pop down and see these guys - they are sick! The vibe here is amazing,

Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate World Championships

especially with the #IWWF, European & African Championship just around the corner on 27th, 28th, and 29th June 2024.

Check it out at Whitemills Wake and Aqua Park.

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