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Ecobay Beanie Hats have arrived £32.99

We are stoked to receive our first delivery this week of our Dark Grey 100% Merino Wool Beanie Hats. Merino Wool has been our material of choice once described as a natural high performance gift from nature.

Our beanie hats are amazing quality which many of you have come to expect from Ecobay. Merino wool is lightweight and soft to the touch but doesn't itch or irritate. It provides amazing insulation, transports moisture and has anti-static properties. It does all this in a completely natural way.

Merino wool is an outstanding, Eco-friendly fabric that outclass materials such as cotton or synthetics on all fronts. Ecobay Beanie Hats brings style, comfort and performance together whilst keeping you toastie throughout our winter months.

Surfwear Beanie Hats
Ecobay Beanie Hats

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